What We Do

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Climate for Ideas carries out research in the public interest. We advise non-governmental organizations, companies and other interested institutions about the climate and forests, biodiversity and forests and the paper and forest products industry. Our goal is to ensure that institutions use the very best science to inform decisions and policy.

Our research activities fall into the following categories:

Resource Risk Assessment
-- Sourcing wood and paper products has implications for the climate and the protection of biodiversity. We can help institutions analyse their products chains of custody and help develop policies around sourcing.

Carbon Footprints
-- In an era when climate change has become a major focus of public policy and institutions understand the need to reduce their impact on the climate, 'Carbon Footprints' can help these institutions understand the degree of their impact and where in their production, distribution and product disposal systems the impacts are greatest.

Policy Development and Analysis
-- In order tackle issues of producing or sourcing sustainable products, institutions require policies appropriate to their activities that will guide their actions. We can help institutions develop these policies that will reduce their impact on the environment, reduce their Carbon Footprint, and ensure the elimination of product or input sources that might endanger biodiversity.

Forest and Conservation Policy
-- We collaborate with a wide array of non-governmental organizations to help develop effective and scientifically sound policies on the paper and wood products industries and forests. The NGOs include the Environmental Paper Network, the Forest Stewardship Council, and the High Conservation Value Network.